Chinese-German Institute for Applied Engineering (CDAI) is the first Sino-foreign cooperative educational institute with Bachelor’s degrees and above in Zhejiang Province. The institute is the joint education project of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST), Luebeck University of Applied Science and West Coast University of Applied Science. As an exemplary pattern of the teaching reformation in ZUST as well as of the China-Germany cooperation, CDAI has explored actively ways to develop good universities of applied sciences in China, and also to train excellent engineers, and has attained remarkable achievements.
CDAI introduced comprehensively and systematically the training system and the teaching management model from German universities of applied sciences, including education ideas, curriculum system, teaching contents, teaching methods, evaluation system, teaching management system, quality assurance system, etc. On this basis CDAI keeps innovating, in order to train excellent engineers with international perspective and application abilities.
Establishment date: March 2013
First enrollment: September 2014
Cooperative partners: Luebeck University of Applied Science, West Coast University of Applied Science
Majors offered in the first phase: Civil Engineering (BIW), Electrical and Automation Engineering Management (EAM)
Training methods: all four years of training can be accomplished in CDAI. All qualified students can exchange to Germany.
Degree offered: dual Bachelor’s degree of ZUST and a corresponding German university of applied sciences.