A. Training Goals
Students in this major study mainly the fundamental theory and practical skills in electrical engineering and its automation, information technology, management, etc. Through interdisciplinary and practical study of professional knowledge in the above fields, the students should have the basic competence to engage in technical and management tasks in the fields of electrical engineering and its automation and information technology.

B. Training Standards
Students in this major study mainly the fundamental theory of electrical engineering , computer technology, automation technology and a foreign language, They receive the skills training of applied electrical engineers in modern enterprises, and would have the competence to design, manufacture, carry out applied research and production organization of electrical equipments.
1. Basic knowledge of electrical engineering and automation, information engineering and the ability to use it independently in practical work;
2. basic knowledge of economics and management;
3. familiarity with Chinese and international engineering and economic management procedures, standards, rules and regulations;
4. good basic knowledge and skills in assistive software and information technology, including essential programming capabilities required in enterprises and business areas;
5. proficiency in German;
6. master of basic models of organization structure, operation process and system in the research and development enterprises and manufacturing enterprises, including the application of electronic data and document management knowledge;
7. methods of project and business process management and the ability to independently investigate, analyze and implement projects.