The 33. Lecture: My Career in Germany by Dr. Jinghui Liu

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At 10:30 on 9. May 2018, the 33. event of CDAII Forum took place in Chinese-German-EBuilding coffee barin Anji.The keynote speaker is the former Secretary-Generalof China Scholarship CouncilDr. JinghuiLiu. Sheled the seminarmy careerin Germanyto the 16/17generationstudents, sharingherpersonal German-related study and workexperiences in detail. CDAI Dean Ms. LiqinXu was the moderator.Deputy Secretary of theCCPbranch,Chengwei Li,Deputy Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation OfficeHuahui Zhang and other teachers werealsopresentto listen. Dr. Liu Jinghui, with cultural influence as the core, inhumorous language vividly toldthe students about her experience of indissoluble bond with Germany, emphasizinglearningGerman language on the basis of culture,transcendingcultural barriers