A. Training Goals
This major introduces high-quality education resources and advanced teaching and management models from German partners to train civil engineering professionals who can develop sustainably. Through the study of the professional knowledge in the area of civil engineering, architecture, project management, structure-design, etc, the students are trained to be future professionals with comprehensive development and competitiveness. Through international and practical study, the trained future professionals can engage in the corresponding tasks in the field of international civil engineering.

B. Training Standards
Students in this major study mainly the fundamental theory of structure engineering and the practical skills of modern green building design, and receive training in project organization and management. By aquiring the fundamental knowledge and core competence required by the first professional degree, the students should be able to engage in structure engineering, project planing and management, construction organization and coordination, etc, in domestic and international projects.
After accomplishing the Bachelor’s degree, the students should have knowledge and competence in the following aspects:
1. solid fundamental knowledge in mechanics, architectural design, construction material, architectural physics and the idea od Green Environment;
2. concrete and steel structure design and fundation treatment and design, real projects design;
3. acquaintance with international and domestic methods, standards and regulations about buliding energy saving and enviromental protection;
4. basic skills in digital data processing and computer-aided design (CAD);
5. good German language ability;
6. the ability to obtain information using modern information technology, the ability to process information in the fields of structure analysis and design, project construction and management, problem-solving strategy, etc, including writing project reports.