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BIW 2016 Students Conducts Concrete Experiment

Recently, CDAI civil engineering (BIW) 2016 students conducted concrete experiment. Through the experiment, the students has established the comprehensive perceptual understanding in the concrete mix proportion design, the concrete workability determination and adjustment, the concrete apparent density and the concrete cube compressive strength test block molding and so on. And they mastered the testing and judging methods of concrete fluidity, cohesion and water retention. Also, they have understood the importance of weighing, stirring, vibrating, curing and so on and its influence on the properties of fresh concrete and hardened concrete. It has laid a foundation for cultivating a practical, realistic and rigorous scientific attitude.
The concrete experiment is a part of the construction material course experiment, including the cement experiment, the concrete gravel experiment, the mortar performance test, the asphalt performance test and the asphalt mixture performance test, 32 hours in total. Course experiment, course practice, curriculum design, project tour practice, bachelor research, bachelor thesis and so on are important practice teaching links in the civil engineering training plan, which occupies an important position in the process of realizing the training goal of applied talents. This concrete experiment not only deepened the students’ understanding of the experiment itself, but also strengthened the students' ability of hands-on operation, which lays a solid foundation for becoming high quality applied talents.
The civil engineering major of CDAI is a Chinese-German cooperative project between Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and Luebeck University of Applied Sciences in Germany. In the past three years CDAI has cooperated with German universities of applied sciences in Nuremberg, Jade (Oldenburg), Munich and Ostfalia. German partner also send their staff regularly to train our students.