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Secretary Zhou Jiamin Visited CDAI to Investigate Labor Union Work

On the morning of April 24, Secretary Zhou Jiamin, accompanied by Zhu Chunfeng(chairman of ZUST Labor Union) and Chen Wenyou, visited CDAI to conduct Labor Union work research. Zheng Haixia(chairman of CDAI Labor Branch Union) reported the Labor Union work of last year, and expressed the problems and difficulties that our union is facing in work.

After the report, secretary Zhou Jiamin fully affirmed the work of CDAI Labor Branch Union, especially the intimate services provided to the teaching staff during the epidemic. He pointed out that the Labor Union was like a second home for teachers and staff, so the union must serve them wholeheartedly. To improve the work, firstly, the union should further promote democratic management, implement the disclosure of information in the work, and ensure the rights of teachers and staff to know. Secondly, the union should promote the participation of teachers and staff in democratic decision-making. Last but not the least, the union should consider what the teachers and staff think, worry what the teachers and staff worry about, and spare no efforts to protect their vital interests.

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